Let’s All Live Well

Mino-Bimaadizidaa provides an understanding and awareness of how self-identity (self -concept, self-image and self-esteem) influence our life choices. The program provides life skills, cultural awareness and alternative ways to live a healthy lifestyle as well as to cope and adapt with life stressors.


“My perspective on life has changed. Before this course I had nothing to do and felt like I couldn’t move forward.”



  • Enhance and develop self-identity and problem solving behaviors
  • Develop new attitudes about their self-worth and self-concept
  • Increase communication skills
  • Express strengths and needs
  • Develop confidence to dream and state goals
  • Open doors to new opportunities


“This program got me completely outta my depression and self-hating attitude!”



Mino-Bimaadizidaa consists of four cycles of personal development, each cycle addresses a key question.

Cycle 1 – Who Am I? - Awakening The Spirit
  • Seven Grandfather Teachings (8wks)
  • Who Am I (10wks)
    • Cultural Awareness, Self-Development, Self-Esteem and Money (Zhooniyaa) Basics.
  • Self-Care (12wks)
    • Community Tellers, Presentation of Self, Spirit of Parenting, Financial Management and Healthy Eating.
Cycle 2 – Where Did I Come From? - Healing The Spirit
  • Anishnaabemowin (Native Language) & Anishnawbe History (10wks)
    • Language, Pre-contact, consequences of the contact and post contact consequences.
  • Anishnaabemowin (Native Language) & Understanding Personal Issues (10wks)
    • Language, Grief, Emotional Management and “From Chaos to Harmony”.
  • Anishnaabemowin (Native Language) & Addressing Addictions (10wks)
    • Language and the Healing Spirit I Am.
Cycle 3 – Where Am I Going? - Carrying The Spirit Forward
  • Education and Work Placement
  • Education, Work Experience and Job Maintenance Skills
  • Education, Work Experiences and Job Search Skills
Cycle 4 – How Do I Get There? - Freeing The Spirit

Follow up with endless opportunities:

  • Treatment Program
  • Upgrading, Secondary and Post-Secondary Education
  • Job Skills Training
  • Employment or Self Employment




Mino-Bimaadizidaa has been running within the North Shore First Nations communities since 2011 and has shown an 80% success rate!

This program will be available to implement within your community!

Contact Violet – Opportunities Development Officer @
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Mino-Bimaadizidaa is now available online and you can begin access within 24-48 hours of completing the online registration process.

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“Together we can move forward and live well!”

Mino-Bimaadizidaa teachings have been shared with our member First Nations since 2011 with an awarding 80% success rate!