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Where we came from

At the time of its inception, Niigaaniin was only a pilot program; designed to help those who’ve been left behind by the social services that were available on reserve.


In the past, First Nations did not provide general welfare or Ontario Works to non-band members or single parents. Single parents received assistance from the Family Benefits Office in Sudbury. Non band members had to contact the Sioux Lookout office for services.  With the announcement that the Family Allowance (most commonly known as the Mother’s Allowance) offices were closing opened an opportunity to deliver Ontario Works to those single parents that resided within our communities.


The creators (welfare administrators) of Niigaaniin saw a need in their communities and became the first official group delivery agent of Ontario Works on reserve. Niigaaniin became responsible for the delivery of the program to all people in need within our communities, without discrimination.


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Wahnapitae FN logo. Blue outline of Wahnapitae lake. Within - crane, loon, otter.
Atikameksheng Anishnawbek Logo. Purple circle with opposing feathers and a trillium flower in middle
Sagamok Anishnawbek logo. Bald eagle within the medicine wheel.
Serpent River FN logo. Yellow circle with an axe and arrow that culminate into a snake head.
Mississauga FN logo. Yellow circle with a white centre, bird in the middle.
Thessalon FN logo. Blue Outline of Canada. Man wearing a headdress. A Place of peace & freedom
Garden River FN logo. Badge with blue, orange and purple. Black teepee with the sun rise.
Batchewana FN logo. Indg. man canoeing. Background is 4 quad medicine wheel.
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