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Family Program

In Partnership with:

Benbowopka Treatment Centre



This is the place where you, and your family take your first steps, together.

In partnership with Benbowopka Treatment Center Niigaaniin received Federal funding to construct our permanent land-based detox site in Blind River. Through our partnership with Benbowopka Treatment Center, we have been able to increase the cycle length from 28 days to 50 days cycles for those coming from Land-based detox. 

In Partnership with: 

Twelve yurts, a communal area with kitchen and bathrooms and a central location for a fire arbour and ceremony area. 

The detox camp is the first step for our Community Members who are starting their healing journey from substance use disorder. We are in the process of establishing the first land-based alcohol detox site. Our consulting medical practitioners feel this is an attainable goal. 

Pre-treatment & Detox Support for all NSTC Treatment Programs 

As each NSTC Community decides their approach to managing the addiction and mental health crisis Kinoomaagewin will be there to support those efforts by creating flexible program entry points to ensure a continuum of care exists for all Community Members. 

Aftercare Supports for all NSTC Treatment Programs 

We know Community Members may want to complete treatment outside of their home community. Community Members may still seek treatment in other areas of the province, regardless of the treatment center Kinoomaagewin can provide residential aftercare. 


Family Program - Miiknaans 1 

This pathway of our well-established family program aims to support anyone in the community that has an interest either personally or professionally regarding addiction and mental health. Virtual and in-person psychoeducational workshops to the NSTC communities regarding the physical and mental aspects of addiction and mental health and how they impact the family dynamics that happen when addictions and mental illness are present. 

All Community Members who attend our Land Based Detox Camp have at least one family member enter 

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our Endaayaan Endazhi-Takookiiyaan Miiknaans 1 & 2 with the goal of changing the environment the Community Member returns to after treatment by providing the family with knowledge and skills around supporting their loved one and starting their own personal recovery journey. 

Family Program - Miiknaans 2 

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This pathway requires the completion of Miiknaans 1 and a modified intake process that gathers some basic information regarding the family history and the Community Members current experience with substance use and mental health. Miiknaans 2 is a 

weekly therapeutic virtual and in person group environment that supports family members who have loved one’s at Kinoomaagewin or they have loved ones that are not ready to start their healing &recovery journey. Miiknaans 2 is a safe place for Community Members to go when they feel hopeless about their loved one’s substance use/abuse/addiction. 

Family Program - Miiknaans 3

Miiknaans 3 which brings Families together on the land at Kinoomaagewin. The families begin working to restore and repair the family unit in a supported, therapeutic environment. This allows the family to work from a place of kindness and empathy. This pathway can be delivered on the land at Kinoomaagewin or in Community Members' homes. 

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This is the place where you, and your family take your first steps, together.

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Community Member Testimonials

"I was unsure what to expect from this program, however, it was laid out in such an understandable simple way I was very impressed thankful and pleased. For myself, I really enjoyed the information provided.”

“One of the best and most inviting classes I have taken. I have had many poor experiences with counselling and with classes like this, and I am absolutely delighted to be a part of it, and I actually look forward each week to attending the program. Thank you very much.”

Program Flow Chart

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