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Aaniish Naa logo. Hands reach for eachother in a black/purple circle. purple feathers and footprints


Pre-Treatment, Treatment & Aftercare, We Stay with You Every Step of The Way. 

Everyone experiences struggle in the journey of life. We're here to help you. Whether you need help with mental health, grief, addiction, or anything else, our Genaadmowits are here to lend an ear. Let us help you live a good life.

Aniish Naa is staffed by Genaadmowik. Community members can quickly meet with a Genaadmowit at any time, through their community caseworker, either by a referral or through a self-referral.
One to One Counselling 

You don’t know where to start your recovery journey. Something keeps getting in the way when you try to make the right decisions for your wellness. You feel really nervous, anxious or scared thinking about asking for help. Your family and people that care about you are frustrated with what’s going on in your life.

Specialized Group Programs

When it’s easier to connect virtually. When you don’t feel ready to share but you learn from hearing other’s stories. When you graduate from a residential treatment program and want to build an aftercare plan that fills your days with personal growth and learning. When you are just starting your healing journey and feel easily overwhelmed.

Aaniish Naa logo. Hands reach for eachother in a black/purple circle. purple feathers and footprints
Case Management Services

We will walk alongside you when there is a need for more specialized services. It can be difficult to set goals we will make this process manageable and suit your needs in that moment. Who else can be included in your healing journey? We will help you decide that and build your support network.

Advocacy Services 

When you feel overwhelmed or confused by what’s being asked of you by the child welfare system or the criminal justice system. Support to attend meetings or court dates. Requests for case conferences to understand the situation and make clear attainable goals. Provide documentation of your journey and plans so the organizations that you are involved with can understand what you are working towards.

Addiction is a Disease

Dorothy Coad - Aaniish Naa Manager 


Get in touch with us and take the first step toward your good life. If there is anything you struggle with in your life, Aaniish Naa is the right choice for you.


The detox camp is the first step for our Community Members who are starting their healing journey from substance use disorder. We are in the process of establishing the first land-based alcohol detox site. Our consulting medical practitioners feel this is an attainable goal. 

Twelve yurts, a communal area with kitchen and bathrooms and a central location for a fire arbour and ceremony area

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