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Food Sovereignty & Security 

Centrally located along the North Shore, Kinoomaagewin is divided into 4 quadrants that represent the whole person and the whole journey of healing, rooted in the sacred teaching of the Medicine Wheel 

Kinoomaagewin logo. Coloured medicine wheel with feather at centre. pipe and eagle on either side.


Niigaaniin has evolved and grown since 2006 to 2022 proving the ability and capacity of the agency to undertake this responsibility. We recognize the breadth of this proposal and that stages of development will be required to see it come to fruition. 

A key aspect of Kinoomaagewin is reciprocity, each Community Member that attends is receiving and giving back to their own spirit, their family, and their community. 

The relationships built while on the land are strong, by removing hierarchical structures and finding the ways we are alike, we bond as humans undertaking the hard work of healing and finding Mino Bimaadizidaa. 

In Partnership with:

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We have been listening & Our Communities have told us they want our programs and services to get back on the land, experience the closeness of community, connection to Mother Earth, and access to traditional learning, ceremony and teachings. 

Kinoomaagewin Quadrant 1 

Minaatizowin – Kindness (Detoxification & Pre-treatment) 

Kindness represents the first of the 4 Sacred Laws and the acknowledgement that the Community Member is being kind to themselves in taking this important first step. he Community Member is supported in a communal living environment for up to 60 days. 

The Community Members will live on the land in canvas prospector tents ensuring they have their own space along side communal areas for learning, gathering, eating and hygiene. The goal of Minaatizowin is to “triage” the Community Members immediate needs by 

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Eating Healthy does not need to be costly, at least for those of us that live in the Mamaweswen Communities. 

Since 2016, Niigaaniin Services has been working to replace boxed carbohydrates and other foods with little nutritional value with healthy, fresh foods available in Our Communities. 

Nutrition Cupboards Are The New Way! 

We are committed to scaling up our food sovereignty efforts to make an impact in your Community. 

Healthy fruits and vegetables, grown by our People for Our People, by Our People at Kinoomaagewin in Thessalon First Nation! 



Kinoomaagewin: Job Application


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Wahnapitae FN logo. Blue outline of Wahnapitae lake. Within - crane, loon, otter.
Atikameksheng Anishnawbek Logo. Purple circle with opposing feathers and a trillium flower in middle
Sagamok Anishnawbek logo. Bald eagle within the medicine wheel.
Serpent River FN logo. Yellow circle with an axe and arrow that culminate into a snake head.
Mississauga FN logo. Yellow circle with a white centre, bird in the middle.
Thessalon FN logo. Blue Outline of Canada. Man wearing a headdress. A Place of peace & freedom
Garden River FN logo. Badge with blue, orange and purple. Black teepee with the sun rise.
Batchewana FN logo. Indg. man canoeing. Background is 4 quad medicine wheel.
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