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“My perspective on life has changed. Before this course I had nothing to do and felt like I couldn’t move forward.”

Mino Bimaadizidaa: Video
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Let's all Live Well

This program is a love letter to the people in our eight communities who have been left behind again, and again.


Created from the most passionate and kind people of our nation, Mino Bimaadizidaa was created to help participants connect with themselves, their traditional culture, and rebuild their lives in four phases 


Mino Bimaadizidaa takes a total of three years to complete. At the end of their journey, participants are able to honour their gifts through their employment and walk the good life with a peaceful spirit and knowing that they have the skills, knowledge, confidence, and connection with their traditional ways.


We spoke with our amazing facilitators about why they pour their heart, souls, and spirits into this program. They believe that hosting the program on a full-time schedule allows the participants to bond with their facilitators, spirit-to-spirit and rebuild trust where it has been broken by service providers in the past.


Mino Bimaadizidaa is about meeting clients where they are in their lives, no matter what barriers they have to living a good life. We believe that the group environment helps support participants in their journey.


Mino Bimaadizidaa is an ever-evolving program. Participants contribute through the knowledge and lived experiences they share during the program. A big part of rebuilding the path of life is learning to define your own wins.


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Everything You Need to Know


Awakening the Spirit

  • Seven Grandfather Teachings (8wks)

  • Who Am I (10wks)

    • Cultural Awareness, Self-Development, Self-Esteem and Money (Zhooniyaa) Basics.

  • Self-Care (12wks)

    • Community Tellers, Presentation of Self, Spirit of Parenting, Financial Management and Healthy Eating.


Healing the Spirit

  • Anishinaabemowin & Anishnawbe History (10wks)

    • Language, Pre-contact, consequences of the contact and post contact consequences.

  • Anishinaabemowin & Understanding Personal Issues (10wks)

    • Language, Grief, Emotional Management and “From Chaos to Harmony”.

  • Anishinaabemowin & Addressing Addictions (10wks)

    • Language and the Healing Spirit I Am.


Carrying the Spirit

  • Education and Work Placement

  • Education, Work Experience and Job Maintenance Skills

  • Education, Work Experiences and Job Search Skills


Freeing the Spirit

Follow up with endless opportunities:

  • Treatment Program

  • Upgrading, Secondary and Post-Secondary Education

  • Job Skills Training

  • Employment or Self Employment

Mino-Bimaadizidaa has been running within the North Shore First Nations communities since 2011 and has shown an 80% success rate!

Lake Superior Rocks


Mino-Bimaadizidaa curriculum is now available online and you can begin access within 24-48 hours of completing the online registration process.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez


Miigwech for your submission. Our Mino Bimaadizidaa staff will reach out to you shortly.

Mino Bimaadizidaa: Sign-up Form


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