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Here at Niigaaniin Services, we know how important our language is to the wellness of our people. Anishinaabemowin informs the way we see the world, and the way our relationships are meant to be. Our relationships with each other, with the land, all of creation and with Creator are all rooted in our language. 

This is why we're committed to sharing all of our knowledge and lessons with you, for free, always. Our language is not for sale, and should be accessible to everyone. If you have a question, or would like to learn something new, please send us a message.

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Anishinabemowin, our language is integral to who we are. It is our sense of identity and

our sense of pride. 

Many of the problems we face in our communities today are due to the intergenerational trauma and effects of having our language stripped away from us through residential schools and other colonial government policies. When we reclaim our language, we are healing. We invest in our team to learn the language so that they may pass that on to Community Members. 

The excitement and eagerness to learn are

strong and palpable! 

Community Members receive facilitated lessons and services in Anishinaabemowin, their native language that they may have heard from their Parents and Grandparents. We're working to decolonize, work past the dark history and revive our language before it is too late. Anishinaabemowin faces extinction without action, and Niigaaniin is taking the lead in revitalizing language speakers in Mamaweswen Communities, ultimately healing Our People. 

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Immersion Camps

Once each season our language speakers take some time together, away from everyday distractions. Staff from Communities and sister agencies have also participated in camps that range from 5-10 days up to two weeks. The application is a simple 3-minute video of you speaking in the language. It can be around the house or outside anywhere you like to give you some easy prompts for speaking Anishinabemowin. 

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All Niigaaniin Staff and Members in our Mino Bimaadizidaa groups participate in a weekly language class. We introduce ourselves in Anishinaabemowin. 

This is one way to keep traditional language in use for younger generations. Staff are encouraged to go to language conferences and workshops to support our learning and to find new fluent speakers and teachers to bring back and share with our Communities. 

Niigaaniin Staff & Community Members

Language Classes 

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