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Learning on the Land

As Anishnaabe people, we know that our connection to the land is irreplaceable. It is part of who we are, and we at Niigaaniin, know that this is essential in walking the path to a good life. With us, you'll be able to deepen your connection to your spirit by spending time on the land.

Kinoomaagewin logo. Coloured medicine wheel with feather at centre. pipe and eagle on either side.
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Kinoomaagewin gabeshewin are land based camps that offer an encouraging environment to learn about yourself, your culture, and reconnect with Mother Earth

Kinoomaagewin gabeshewin provides an opportunity to be on the land and reconnect your spirit to the natural world.


Kinoomaagewin is a drug and alcohol free space that encourages self-development through the facilitation of Mino Bimaadizidaa curriculum and traditional teachings. The whole Niigaaniin team comes together to support our campers across a range of needs and goals.


This is a great place to meet and have fun with staff from Anishnawbek Ehnkiijik, Mino Bimaadizidaa, Aaniish Naa, some of the administrative team as well as our community based Niigaaniin services people.

The camps typically range from 5 to 7 nights, and are offered seasonally. Each camp has a theme. Past camps have focused on families, and healthy relationships. Mino Bimaadizidaa curriculum is facilitated throughout the camps and guest facilitators are often invited to share their knowledge.

Traditional teachings such as the roles within families, natural medicines, harvesting food and building materials, and opportunities to assist in lodge preparation and ceremony are all a part of communal camp living.

Woodland flowers, digital beadwork. Decorative section between information.
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Kinoomaagewin: Job Application


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